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Werewolf: Requiem by Greg Hair

Landon Murphy returns in the thrilling, action-packed conclusion to The Werewolf Trilogy. Landon must somehow find the power within himself to save the world as his greatest enemy makes his final movements to fulfill his evil scheme. Old friends return, and new ones are met, as Landon, LillyAnna, and the rest, rush headlong to their fateful, climactic battle with Nicholas, Jamie, and their army. What is Nicholas’ ultimate plan? Can Landon be saved from himself in time to save everyone else? Who will live…and who will die? When darkness descends, hope will rise…


Bite Book 1: Christine by Klayton White

“BITE” tells the story of Christine Lawter, a military brat, whose family moves from California to a small town in western North Carolina. Christine struggles with the relocation, especially since it’s her senior year of high school. Luckily, she makes an outspoken, social friend in a girl named Ariel, and meets a great group of new friends. On Christine’s first day of school, a boy catches her eye and she tries desperately to find out who he is, but nobody knows. She sees the boy walk alone into the woods and follows him.

Christine discovers that the boy, Cody, has a secret he’s kept from the world – he and his family are vampires. He warns Christine never to share his secret with anyone, and the trust between them creates an emotional attachment that grows into love. Christine’s overwhelmed, but it doesn’t matter, she’s fallen in love with Cody and with his family, whom she helps introduce, bit by bit, to the human world they have been required to shun. Cody joins Christine’s fun-loving group of friends, and in turn she is embraced by his family. She learns about their past and about vampire society – the overlords, known as the Lawmakers, and the scouts that work for them. Cody’s family forewarns them that human-vampire relationships are against the law, but love knows no law, and heeds no consequences.

Consequences come when Christine makes a choice that not only affects her, but Cody and his family as well. She soon learns a dark and terrifying story that Cody’s family kept from her. Never would she have imagined that a story from their past would affect her future.


Muse by Janica L. Stoff

The last thing Callie expected to receive for her sixteenth birthday was the power to freeze time. Before she can adjust to her new talent though, she discovers that her worst enemy, her best friend, and six other girls are all descendants of the nine Greek Muses, and are now blessed with various magic abilities.

Between visions of the future and ghosts of the past they come to realize not everything is at it appears and something wicked is pursuing them. Can they learn to put aside their childhood jealousies and fears in order to take control of their new found powers and fight together or will the wretched creature get his way by pitting them against one another.


Changes by Patricia Reed

In 1187, 18-year-old crusader Adam Grayson was turned into a werewolf. The young man dared to defy his master and has been on the run from a ruthless creature ever since.

Ivy Miller has never been special. An unpopular girl living a quaint life in a small town, she dreams only of getting out.

Adam Grayson chooses to live in Red Oaks for two reasons: It’s a small town in rural Georgia and there are lots of trees to hide his dark secret.

Ivy never expected to find love in Red Oaks — Adam never expected to be found.


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  1. Only 2 and 4 are free unless you have Amazon Prime. (As of 4/21)

  2. Hi Anne,

    Thanks for posting the update. Quite often the free downloads are limited to one day only. Unfortunately the site doesn’t state the length of the free offer so it’s always better to act quickly, just in case.

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