Review Policy

Review Requests:

Paranormal Bites is happy to review most media that falls under the Paranormal umbrella – paranormal romance, fantasy, young adult or science fiction.  All submissions will be considered for review, however we reserve the right to turn down review requests for any material deemed to contain questionable content (including, but not limited to, pedophilia, incest, rape, or bestiality).

To request a review please visity our Contact Us page and chose “Book Review Request” in the subject line.


Guest Reviewers:

Read a good (or not so good) paranormal book lately?  See a film or television show that fits our niche? Want to share your views and tell the world about it?  Now you can!  Guest Reviewers are welcome to submit reviews on any book that would meet the criteria listed in our Review Policy above.  The book or media does not have to be a new release to qualify.  All Guest Reviews may be subject to editing and will be uploaded to site by the administrator to allow for the insertion of meta tags.

Please use the following Rating Scale:

1. Agonizing – I couldn’t even finish reading it!
2. Miserable – I finished the book but I didn’t like it.
3. Decent – It was alright – not great but not bad either.
4. Tempting – Liked it and would recommend it to a friend.
5. Tantalizing – Loved it and I’m keeping it!

To submit your Review please visit the Contact Us page and chose “Guest Book Review” in the Subject line.  Lengthy reviews can be emailed it to  Please be sure to  “Guest Review” in the Subject line and be sure to include your name and contact information so that we can give credit where it is due!



In accordance with FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements, Paranormal Bites discloses that we review books and media that we purchase on our own, as well those provided to the reviewers by the publisher, publicist or author free of charge.  We may also review works that are commonly found within the public domain.

We will make every effort to disclose books or media provided by third parties.  If no such disclosure is made it is assumed that the work being reviewed was purchased by the reviewer or was found within the public domain.

All opinions stated are our own and do not reflect those of any third party.

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