Demon From the Dark

Demon From the Dark – Kresley Cole

A scorching tale of a demon outcast poisoned with vampire blood and the vulnerable young witch he vows to protect—even from himself.


Malkom Slaine: tormented by his sordid past and racked by vampiric hungers, he’s pushed to the brink by the green-eyed beauty under his guard.


Carrow Graie: hiding her own sorrows, she lives only for the next party or prank. Until she meets a tortured warrior worth saving.


In order for Malkom and Carrow to survive, he must unleash both the demon and vampire inside him. When Malkom becomes the nightmare his own people feared, will he lose the woman he craves body and soul?

Kresley Cole, Demon From the Dark


Witch Carrow the Incarcerated was ‘visiting’ one of her favourite haunts – the Orleans Parish Correctional facility – when her bail was posted by the Order, a mysterious group of mortal scientists, sentinels and soldiers, who then proceeded to abduct Carrow and hold her in their own private prison.  Having no idea why she had been abducted Carrow soon discovered that she was but one of dozens of assorted immortals being held against their will.  Based upon the information that she was able to glean from her cell-mate, the sorceress Melanthe, and the screams of torture that are an almost constant, Carrow is able to puzzle out that the Order’s purpose is to study and then eradicate the Loreans.

A week into her incarceration Carrow is dragged before magister Declan Chase, the apparent leader of The Order.  She is told that she needs to help The Order to capture a notorious vampiric demon (vemon) who they wish to study.  The vemon in question, Malkom Slaine, is described to Carrow as being “illiterate, filthy, and brutish”, not to mention severely mentally disturbed.  Naturally Carrow declines the mission, only to have Chase play his trump card – the Order has captured her fellow witch (and second cousin) seven year old Ruby, whom they will kill if Carrow fails to lure Slaine to his capture.

They have already killed Ruby’s mother in front of her but they promise Carrow that she and Ruby will be released if Carrow successfully delivers Slain to them within six days.  Knowing that she is Ruby’s only living relative and therefore her guardian Carrow puts Ruby’s best interest ahead of her own and agrees to do what she can to lead Slaine to the Order.

Arriving in the demon hell plane of Oblivion, the ‘home’ of Malkom, Carrow sets out to locate her target but before she is able to she is cornered by a motley crew of assorted demons who immediately decide to keep her as a sex slave.  Meanwhile, sensing a disturbance, Malkom sets out towards Carrow’s location, slaying each demon that he encounters along the way.  In the midst of the slaughter however Malkom scented Carrow and almost immediately after his heart began beating and his lungs drew their first breath since he had been forcibly transformed into a vemon.  Carrow was his fated mate, as evidenced by having “blooded” the vampire in him.

A brief struggle and chase ensue, leaving Carrow cornered.  Poor Malkom is so sexually excited by the discovery of his vampire Bride that he is forced to adjust his erection, only to discover that his body had produced semen for the first time, confirming to both Malkom and Carrow that not only was she his vampire Bride, but also the mate to his demon side as well.

Eventually Malkom succeeds in enticing Carrow into his den inside a mountain and the two of them struggle to communicate.  Carrow does not speak Demonish and Malkom has suppressed his knowledge of English, the hated language of the vampires who held him as a blood slave as a child and who later in life forced him to kill the only friend that he had ever known after having turned both of them into vemons.  Using improvised sign language and drawing in the dirt the two begin a relationship of sorts as Malkom struggles to recall the despised language that will allow them to fully communicate.

Over the course of a few days their ability to communicate grows as does Carrow’s respect and affection for Malkom.  She refrains from having intercourse with him but concedes to pretty much every other sexual activity, convincing Malkom that he can claim her fully in a few days once they return to her world together.  The smitten vemon agrees to Carrow’s terms and his fate is sealed as they await the opening of the portal that will reunite Carrow with Ruby and ensure Malkom’s capture by the Order.

The deception is not easy for Carrow, despite the stakes, as she has fallen for Malkom and regrets what she must do to ensure Ruby’s freedom.  She tries to explain the situation to him but is unable to make Malkom understand such a complicated situation.  When the portal opens and the heartbroken Malkom is captured all that Carrow can do is apologize, wishing that she could explain her actions to the vemon who she now loves.

Both Carrow and Malkom are taken to the Order’s prison, Carrow having been double crossed by Chase and forced back into confinement with Ruby and the others.  The seething Malkom quickly recovers his English once he is surrounded by it and he takes every opportunity to let Carrow know what he intends to do to her once he manages to break free.

The chance for escape eventually presents itself when a minor character from a previous book destroys the prison while looking for a ring of hers and the individual who stole it from her.  Malkom immediately seeks out Carrow to exact his revenge and discovers Ruby, who he mistakes for Carrow’s child.  Understanding why Carrow betrayed him he begrudgingly agrees to help them escape and protect them, even though he believes that he will never trust or love Carrow again.

Over time Malkom develops an uneasy relationship with Carrow and Ruby, who also becomes quite attached to their vemon saviour.  Meanwhile, Carrow’s friends and fellow witches have been searching desperately for her and Ruby, while other Loreans also search for their missing loved ones.  Eventually Mariketa, the leader of the House of Witches, is able to scry the location of the island that the prison is located on and help is sent in the form of Conrad Wroth.  The trio are eventually returned to Carrow & Ruby’s home, where the witches are reunited with their loved ones and Carrow introduces Malkom as her husband.  The two reconcile and plans are made to return to the island to rescue the other captives.


Whew – what a long summary!  So much takes place in Demon From the Dark that I haven’t even touched on all of it here.  It is an action packed tale that grabs the reader right from the start.  Once I began reading I couldn’t put the book down and I had the dark circles under my eyes to prove it!

Carrow is revealed to be a much deeper character than her party-girl image of previous books.  Despite being surrounded by her cast of friends a lonely, sad woman hides behind the CFM boots and mini skirts.  Flashbacks to her childhood reveal that she has never been loved, even by her parents.  When faced by the much unexpected task of caring for the orphaned Ruby Carrow steps up immediately, embracing the girl as her own and there is a certain sense of rightness that she now has someone who she can give all of the love that she herself was denied as a child.

And Malkom – wow – what an amazing character.  His tortured past and childhood are enough to make the reader want to weep in sympathy.  Like Carrow, he has never known love and it is a testament to the pure strength of his character that he was able to once rise above all that fate had thrown his way.  My heart broke for him time and again as he was betrayed by those around him, leaving me wishing that I could comfort him.  He very quickly became more than just a fictional character to me as his essence literally leaps off of the page.

Every time that I read one of Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark books I fall in love with the story and characters.  Each one becomes my favourite while I’m reading it and just when I think that she can’t possibly top herself, she does.  I’ve loved pretty much every one of Kresley’s characters but Malkom is even more special than the rest.  He and Carrow as a couple are now tied with Cole’s Rydstrom and Sabine as my all time favourite fictional couples.

I can’t say enough good things about DftD.  This story just has everything that you could want from a paranormal romance.  It is the perfect tender love story, filled with action, steamy sex, witty characters, and humour.  I would recommend it to anyone but at the same time I refuse to lend my copy to anyone, even my own sister, for fear that I might not get it back!  I rate Demon From the Dark 5+ Bites out of 5.

Rating: Tantalizing

5 Bites out of 5

September 7, 2010 at 4:00 am

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  1. I agree about this book….it is crazy good. Malkom and Carrow are a new “classic” PNR couple. I loved them as much as Emmaline and Lachlain.

    Kresley Cole rocks!

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