Labyrinth of Stars – Review

I’ve been promising a review of Marjorie M. Liu’s Labyrinth of Stars for a while now and I’m happy to finally be able to share it with my readers.

The short version? You must read the Hunter Kiss series, Peeps! It has everything that I like in a series – lovable demons, sarcastic female protagonist, sexy love interest, bat-shit crazy secondary characters, pain-in-the-ass minor characters, and fast paced urban fantasy/sci-fi story line. What’s not to love?

I was hooked on Labyrinth from the very first line –

I’ll be honest: I can’t recommend having a demon as your obstetrician.

Fight with them, live with them, feed their hungry stomachs all the M&M’s, chain saws, and small artillery they can handle — but when it comes to taking pregnancy advice, avoid at all costs. Even if they’ve been delivering the babies in your family for the last ten thousand years.


Read the full Review of Labyrinth of Stars here.


March 22nd, 2014  at 12:36 am

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Deadline for EDGE OF DAWN Contest is Tonight at Midnight!

Just a quick reminder that our EDGE OF DAWN Midnight Breed swag contest closes tonight at midnight EST. Enter now for a chance to win a set of nine Breed bookmarks, a Midnight Breed pen, and a Breed drink cozy. And we just might throw in some other swag as well!

Enter Now!

March 4th, 2013 at 5:53 pm

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Edge of Dawn Contest

Edge of Dawn, the 11th book in Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed series officially releases today and Paranormal Bites is helping Lara to celebrate to having a little give-away.

Seeing as this is the 11th book in the series I’ve decided to give away 11 prizes. Up for grabs? Four packages containing a Midnight Breed drink cozy, a Midnight Breed pen, and an assortment of official Midnight Breed bookmarks, including an Edge of Dawn bookmark (package is similar to the one pictured, minus the Deeper Than Midnight book); as well as seven packages of a Midnight Breed pen & bookmark assortments.

Lara Adrian Prize Pack - drink cozy, pen, bookmarks


How to Enter:

Entering is easy – Simply respond to this post and tell me what Breedmate/Warrior talent or ability you  would most like to have and why! Be sure to include your email address so that I can contact you if you win.

Contest closes Monday, March 4th 2013. Winners will be drawn via and announced on Tuesday, March 5th.

I apologize to my international readers but due to financial constraints this contest is limited to residents of Canada and the United States.

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Edge of Dawn Review

My review for Lara Adrian’s EDGE OF DAWN was posted this morning and I’ve copied it below:


Edge of Dawn – Lara Adrian

Twenty years after the terror of First Dawn—when mankind learned that vampires lived secretly among them—the threat of violence reigns as the two species struggle to coexist. The only group preserving the fragile harmony is the Order, an elite cadre of Breed warriors dedicated to protecting humans and vampires alike. And in this precarious world of torn loyalties and shattered trust, Mira, a fiery squad captain, finds that every fight bears an intensely personal cost.

Raised among the Order, Mira has always believed in the warrior’s code of swift—and even lethal—justice. But the one thing she desires more than the Order’s hard-won acceptance is Kellan Archer, a sexy but troubled Breed fighter. In love with him since childhood, Mira once broke through his tough exterior during an unexpected night of rapture, but the next day he mysteriously disappeared, never to return.

Kellan didn’t think he would ever see Mira again—or have to confront the truth of why he left. After abandoning the Order years ago, he now leads a band of human rebels intent on carrying out their own vigilante rule of law. Yet a high-profile kidnapping assignment brings him face-to-face with the past he sought to avoid, and the striking woman he has tried desperately to forget. And as tensions mount and the risk of bloodshed grows, Kellan and Mira must take sides—between the competing missions that dominate their lives, and the electrifying passion that claims their hearts.


Lara Adrian, Edge of Dawn



Imagine that you were born with an ability so formidable that grown, fearsome, powerful men were afraid of your very gaze. Imagine that despite their fear, they sought to control the very power that you could not, and thus they controlled you. This was the fate of Mira, a beautiful, feisty Breedmate, abandoned as a baby to become the possession of a mad man who would control her and use her to his own evil end, before being saved by another Breedmate and a group of other-worldly vampire warriors who fought for the greater good.

Having been adopted by the Order at the tender age of eight, Mira learned about love, loyalty, and friendship firsthand from the very men who kept the monsters at bay and the special women who loved them. Inspired by the role models around her she grew into a strong, proud woman who trained to fight at their side. Through near constant training and fierce determination she became a lethal, nearly unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

Even the greatest warriors have a chink in their armour however and Mira is no exception. Her’s is Kellen Archer, a Breed warrior who came to the Order as a troubled, damaged youth who lost nearly his entire family on one fateful night.

Like a burr on wool clothing, Mira took to Kellen right away, attaching herself to his side, refusing to let go. No matter how he resisted, how much he tried to brush her off, Mira was a force of nature that Kellen just couldn’t overcome. After years of living together, playing, training, and fighting together, Mira finally worked her way deep into Kellen’s heart, only to have fate tear them apart and toss Kellen to the wind, leaving Mira with a gapping wound in her very being that even time couldn’t heal.


Fast forward eight years later and fate once again intervenes, bringing Mira and the part of her heart & soul that she thought gone forever back together. Hurt and betrayal combine with profound relief and happiness, confusion and pain, as the once lovers struggle to come to terms with the choices that Kellen made in order to protect the woman that he still loves. Made for each other but destined to be torn apart, the pair must take a leap of faith and fight against everything that they know to be true about the world in order to embrace what they know to be true in their hearts.

Two decades after First Dawn (the reveal of the Breed to mankind)  the members of the Order are still putting out the fires left in Dragos’ wake, but now they are mired in the fetid bullshit of international politics as every crack-pot hero and villain wanna-be takes shots at them and the eyes of the world are upon them. The stakes have never been higher as their hard-fought peace is tenuous at best and now another player has stepped up, determined to eliminate the Order and their very race once and for all. After having shared Earth for more than a thousand years, it seems that both races are in for a very nasty surprise…


A true love story that appeals to the deep romantic streak in all of us, Edge of Dawn is also an action packed adventure that sees the members of the Order doing what they do best – kicking ass and taking names. Having defeated their greatest enemy of hundreds of years in the previous novel, Darker After Midnight, the Order has devoted the past twenty years to cleaning up the aftermath of having had the Breed’s existence exposed to mankind. The enemy may have been vanquished but many more lie in wait to take his place, Breed and human alike.

Luckily for the Order, (and us readers), their numbers are increasing as their children begin to come into their own and join their parents in their fight, and other members of the Breed begin to step up and sign on, introducing the readers to a whole bunch of new warriors to love. I believe that we’re going to see a side of the Order and the Breed in general that has only been hinted at up until now and I can’t wait to follow the warriors as they push human conventions aside to take on their new immortal enemy!


Rating: Tantalizing

5 Bites out of 5

January 6th, 2013 at 6:25 pm

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Dog Ears

A couple more quotes from Gena Showalter’s super hot read, Ecstasy in Darkness

Her grin returned.  “Tsk, tsk, McKell.  You should know it’s rude to ignore your host.”

Change the subject.  Save yourself, her.  “It’s also rude to stab your host.”  There.  Better.  Except, the reminder failed to enrage him.  She’d gotten the better of him, which meant she was strong, capable, and that suddenly filled him with … pride.

Pride?  Why?

All that lovely amusement faded.  “Here’s another tidbit.  It’s also rude to remind your host of the time she stabbed you.”


Currently, Johnny was with the other agent who like to stare at Ava.  Jeremy was his name, and his scent was similar to Johnny’s.  Perhaps they were brothers.  They kept pace beside each other, unaware of the vampire stalking their every move and listening to their every word.

“You gotta leave that girl alone,” Jeremy said.

Ah.  He was the smart one.

“You’re my twin, bro.  Not my probation officer.  I don’t have to do anything.”

Yes.  Brothers.

“Maybe you didn’t notice the rabid vampire eyeing you like man-corn all night.”

“I noticed,” was the grumbled reply.  Johnny rubbed his nose, his swollen jaw.  “I think he sucker-punched me, like, ten times.”

November 23rd, 2010  at 08:00 am

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Dog Ears

From Gena Showalter’s Ecstasy in Darkness


Good news: even vampires were perverts.


“What?” she demanded again, looking down and seeing something golden — letters, she realized — smeared on her skin, just above her bra.  She frowned, sniffed.  Butterscotch.  Mmm.  Her stomach rumbled.  “What does it say?”

Noelle just grinned at her.

She tilted her head, trying to decipher all four of those letters.  When she did, she gnashed her molars in irritation.  And more admiration, damn it, followed by a stupid wave of giddiness.

McKell had taken her lipgloss and spelled the word DIBS.


“And she loves butterscotch.  Buy her as much butterscotch as you can find.  She’ll want a treat when she wakes up.” …

“You’re serious?”

“Why would I lie about butterscotch?”

November 16th, 2010  at 08:00 am

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Ecstasy in Darkness Review Posted

“And I thought you were rough.  Those girls are…”  Dallas Gutierrez shuddered.  “What’s way worse than rough?  ‘Cause that’s what they are.”

“What, exactly, are you trying to say?” … “And by the way, I’m not rough.”

“Perfect” ice blue eyes rolled.  “You once kneed me in the balls and asked me how they tasted.  Just to say hi.  You’re rough.”

She had, hadn’t she?  Memories were fun.

Thus begins the latest novel in Gena Showalter’s Alien Huntress series, Ecstasy in Darkness, released to stores today.  I received an advanced copy of Ecstasy from Pocket and found myself in love with Gena’s writing all over again, right from the very first page.  Although this is the first Alien Huntress novel that I read, it certainly won’t be the last.  The wit and easy banter of the characters drew me in instantly and I found myself thinking more than once, “I like these people.”

When an author can make you forget that you are reading about imaginary characters and instead leave you with the feeling of having just visited with some of your favourite friends, that’s talent, and Gena Showalter has it in spades.

I have several quotes marked to share with my readers as Dog Ears and found myself laughing all over again as I re-read them.  Even taken out of context they are funny and I know that after you read them you won’t be able to wait to get your hands on the book.  In the mean time, take a few moments to read my review of Ecstasy.  It will have to tie you over until you can get to the nearest book store.  Enjoy!

October 26th, 2010  at 7:31 pm

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In My Mail Box…

Yesterday was a great mail day for me.  I received the two pretty copies of  Eternal Kiss of Darkness that Jeaniene Frost signed (“Life is Short – Bite Hard”) for our Blogmania winners – and I totally wish that I could keep one but I’ll be a good girl and pass them on like I’m supposed to.

I also received Cynthia Eden’s gorgeous I’ll be Slaying You, signed of course, that I won from VampChix.  Have you seen the cover of this book?  I just wanna lick it (I also can’t wait to read it)!

And lastly, the friendly neighbourhood Purolator man brought me this gem last night –

Ecstasy in Darkness, Gena Showalter Gena Showalter, Ecstasy in Darkness

My copy doesn’t have the fancy bound cover but that’s alright.  I can’t wait to read it – I flipped to a random page and the first word that jumped out at me was “panties” so I just know that I’m going to love it!

So, you know what I’ll be reading for the next few days.  How about you?  What’s on your bedside table or To Be Read list?

September 22nd, 2010  at 3:18 pm

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Happy Easter from Paranormal Bites!

Who says that wholesome family-type holidays and the paranormal don’t go together?  Of course they do – just check out these creations made from those classic Easter treats, Peeps!

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