Matthias Streitwieser – In Memoriam 1975 – 2009

Today marks the one year anniversary of the tragic death of Matthias Streitwieser due to a fall while hiking in the mountains.  Many of you may not recognize his name but his face is unforgettable and many of our readers will forever picture his beautiful face when we think of the Black Dagger Brotherhood character Vishous.

Matthias’ face is legendary to female internet users, particularly those of us who enjoy finding pictures of people that remind us of our favourite fiction characters.  I myself have shared his photos countless times on Paranormal Bites and the Facebook app Bite Me!  I have a nice collection of his pictures, but until this past Saturday I did not even know his name.  I have been enchanted by his charismatic photos for quite some time and have been trying to find his name for just as long.  If you have ever tried to find the name of a male fashion model who doesn’t happen to be dating an actress/singer/female super model you know just how difficult it can be.  I finally made a break through Saturday evening and was near ecstatic as I finally had the means to track down even more pictures of Matthias, only to have my happiness turn to sorrow within minutes as I learned the news of his death on June 1st 2009.

It may seem silly to mourn the death of someone you’ve never met but nonetheless I am mourning.  He may have been a stranger to me, not even famous but “just some model” but I consider his death to be a tragic loss.  I have spent countless hours enjoying his photos and searching for even more to add to my collection.  I have shared these photos with friends and strangers alike and have actually seen his face in my dreams on occasion when I have fantasized about favourite book characters.  And the simple fact that there will be no more pictures of this man to gaze at and dream about in the future saddens me.  Not to mention the fact that a perfectly good human being was lost to the world in such a tragic way, at such a young age (34).  Why shouldn’t I be sad and mourn?  He was part of my life, in a small but very enjoyable way, even if he did not know it.  Matthias brought joy to myself and countless others and he will be greatly missed.

There are very few details about his death to be found in English as most of the news reports were written in German.  Here are a few links that you may want to visit for yourself to learn more about Matthias:

Remember ♥ In Memoriam Matthias Streitwieser (1975-2009) – Scroll down for English

Matthias ~ Forever Young, Forever Beautiful, Forever in my Dreams…

June 1st, 2010  at 1:58 am

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  1. I didn’t realise it was the year anniversary =( I remember when i heard he’d died the Dark Hunter message board was awash with trying to find out if it was actually true or not, like you said most reports were foreign.

    One of my favourite models, i’ve used him many times in graphics for banners for msg boards, he just says Vishous from the BDB series to me. For a long time i didn’t know his name either, he was just the “chocolate guy”

    Miss you chocolate guy. =(

  2. I miss you too chocolate guy! The picture of him with the chain around his neck and the little heart and cross just says it all…V….

    As sad as it is…and I don’t mean any disrespect to Matthais or his family…I love the fact that because of these pictures he’ll always look young and beautiful. He’ll always be V. When I’m 90 and still salivating over V–he’s still gonna look like V. Not like Travis Fimmel looking like Acheron how many years ago–now he’s cut his hair and it just doesn’t work…Matthais will always be V…so I’ll say it again…I miss you chocolate guy.

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